Variation [finale] on a Burns Air

for Piano Quartet

forces: Violoncello, Viola, Violin, Piano
duration: 3'00"
published by: Composer

Commissioned and composed for the Primrose Piano Quartet, who gave the first performance at Kings Place, London, in October 2009.

Composers' Note

This variation was composed as one of a commissioned set based on an original air by Robert Burns. Other variations by Sally Beamish, John Casken, Jacques Cohen, Joe Cutler, Peter Fribbins, Steve Goss, Piers Hellawell, Robin Ireland, Julian Jacobson, Sir James MacMillan and Zoe Martlew. The original air is slow and melancholy, but my own treatment of it went against type and presented it in a more ebullient light. Principally for that reason, it eventually found its place as finale to the set.

Composers' Note



Variations on a Burns Air

Primrose Piano Quartet

Meridian CDE 84586  x   2010

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