The Only

Nativity carol for SATB choir and piano

forces: SATB Choir, Piano
duration: Ca 5'00"
published by: Peters Edition


The Only

It was the only star in the universe that night.

Yet never shone an empty sky so bright.


It was the quietest cry in eternity that night.

Yet ne’er a whisper trembled with such might.


It was the only shelter at Bethlehem that night:

Rough sanctuary for fugitives in their flight.


It was the poorest cradle that rocked a child that night.

Yet ne’er a king enthronèd in such light.


It was the only coming of holiness that night,

The Son of God revealèd to our sight.


It is the only hope in the universe this night,

For this broken world where men of war still fight.


It is the only face of salvation from above:

This little babe whose only name is Love.


Copyright Francis Pott, 2014