Poem of the Air

forces: Piano
duration: 4'00"
published by: Composers Edition

Programme Note

Poem of the Air  was written at the request of the pianist Duncan Honeybourne, for inclusion in a recording entitled Contemporary Piano Soundbites (subtitled ‘Composers in Lockdown’). Duncan’s magnanimous project was conceived in aid of the Help Musicians UK Coronavirus Hardship Fund, and involved his inviting over twenty composers to write brief miniatures for piano solo. The recording on the Prima Facie label is being supplemented by a series of recitals promoting the collection of pieces in different parts of the UK. Details can be read on the Prima Facie website, here:


Poem of the Air takes its title from the following verse at the top of the score:


This is the poem of the air,

Slowly in silent syllables recorded;

This is the secret of despair,

Long in its cloudy bosom hoarded;

Now whispered and revealed

To wood and field.


[From the short poem Snow-Flakes, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.]



Programme Note


Francis Pott’s Poem of the Air is a songlike miniature of unforced eloquence that ascends into the heights.

Paul Conway, Musical Opinion, January-March 2021



Contemporary Piano Soundbites

Duncan Honeybourne

Prima Facie PFCD 140  x   2020

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