Passion Symphony in five movements for organ

Jeremy Filsell (organ)

The following statement was issued by Signum Classics upon release of this recording in 2005:

Signum Classics are proud to release Jeremy Filsell’s debut disc on Signum Records – Christus: Passion Symphony by Francis Pott.

The five movements of Christus trace the Coming of Christ; Gethsemane; the Via Crucis/Golgotha/the Deposition; the Tomb; and, finally, Resurrection – portrayed not as a prolonged psalm of victory already achieved, but as a vast struggle towards ultimate triumph.

This extraordinary work is a virtuosic masterpiece, and one that many an organist might be fearful of performing, let alone recording, ‘live’. Jeremy Filsell’s masterly musicianship and skills here produce a stunning live account of this important work.

The performance presented on the 2005 recording had actually been given as a live recital by Jeremy Filsell at St Peter’s Church, Eaton Square, London, in July 1997. The recording remained entirely unedited and represents a superhuman feat of technical virtuosity and accuracy. The composer was able to identify 4 wrong notes across the entire 2-hour span, and 2 of these subsequently proved to be consistent misreadings of accidentals rather than physical slips. 

label: Signum
Includes: Christus
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