This short piece was written in 1988 as an affectionate and collective pastiche of Finzi's characteristic rhythmic manner, as displayed in several instrumental slow movements. It was intended also specifically as a viable interlude between the middle two songs of Finzi's Thomas Hardy cycle for tenor and piano, A Young Man's Exhortation, which at that time I was performing with a singer who fancied a few moments' respite. Unlike Finzi's Rest, the tribute to be found in Lambert's Clavichord by Herbert Howells, this piece makes fleeting and tangential reference to a number of specific and recognizable corners in Finzi's output, though its main theme and overall conception are original. The music was dedicated to Martin Wimpress, a fellow member in those days of the Temple Church Choir, Fleet Street, London. His tragically premature death occurred in 2005 and Master Finzi: His Ghoste was played at his memorial service by its composer, along with Finzi's Rest. Francis Pott, 2006

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