[i] Gatto-Gateau [Cat's Cake Walk], aka the Calico Rag 

[ii] Lackadaisical Rag 

[iii] Spider Rag (aka Cataclysm). 

These rags are dedicated from afar to my sister-in-law's cats, [the late] Calico and the very-much-alive Daisy and Spider, - mainly as a reparation, since I like cats and would have at least one, but am allergic to them. The first two rags are for piano and the last is for piano or harpsichord. All three take their cue from the high priest of such things, the great Bill Bolcom. The second makes an unapologetic (and largely inexplicable) nod towards Paysage, Liszt's third Etude d'Exécution Transcendante. © Francis Pott, 2006

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