• A Meditation
    SATB a cappella with brief divisions
    1999   5'00"  
  • A Remembrance
    Anthem for SATB choir (with divisions) and organ
    2000   7'40"  
  • Amore Langueo
    for SATB soli/SATB/SATB chorus a cappella
    1989   15' - 16'  
  • Ave Verum Corpus
    Motet a cappella for six solo voices or mixed chorus (S MS A CT Bar Bar)
    2009   Ca 6'30"  
  • Balulalow
    Carol for soprano solo and SATB chorus a cappella, with divisions. Text by James, John and Robert Wedderburn (16th cent.)
    2009   3'00"  
  • Carol
    for SATB a cappella
  • For the Fallen
    Motet/introit setting of lines by Laurence Binyon, for SATB chorus with momentary S/B divisions (one each)
    2006   3'00"  
  • God’s Grandeur
    Anthem setting of a sonnet by Gerard Manley Hopkins, for SATB chorus with divisions, and organ
  • Lament
    for SAATTB a cappella
    2011   4'30"  
  • Laudate Dominum
    Motet for SSATBB chorus, setting extracted verses from Psalm 148.
    2014   5'00"  
  • Laus Trinitati
    Anthem for SSAA choir and piano or harp
    2009   3'00"  
  • Mary’s Carol
    Carol setting of a poem by Peter Dale, for SATB choir a cappella
    2008   4'50"  
  • O Key of David
    Advent antiphon for six-part chorus and alto saxophone
    2014   7'30"  
  • Sentinel
    Secular anthem commemorating the fallen of World War One
    2013   Ca 9'00"  
  • The Only
    Nativity carol for SATB choir and piano
    2012   Ca 5'00"  
  • Verbum Caro Factum Est
    Setting of an anonymous mediaeval (pre-1536) carol, for soprano solo, SATB choir (with divisions in all parts) and organ
    2017   2'30"  
  • Word
    A Meditation on the Meaning of the Gospel in the 21st Century
    2012   Ca 38'00"  

Choral with Orchestra

  • A Song on the End of the World
    Oratorio in seven movements for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano and Baritone soloists, Chorus, Orchestra and optional Organ
    1999   70'00"  
  • Cantus Maris
    Sea Requiem for mezzo-soprano soloist, chorus and orchestra
    2016   29'00"  
  • The Lost Wand
    Meditation for chorus and orchestra on the suffering of children caught up in human conflict
    2015   23'00"  

Choral with Instruments

  • Ardor Amoris
    Six love poems for mixed chorus and piano
    2017   25'00"  
  • O Key of David
    Advent antiphon for six-part chorus and alto saxophone
    2014   7'30"  
  • Twelfth Night
    Setting of an Epiphany poem by Laurie Lee, for SSA chorus and piano
    2012   Ca 8'00"  

Piano Quartet

  • Variations on a Burns Air
    Works by Sir Peter Maxwell Davies and Dmitri Smirnov, and a collaborative, variation-based project involving ten other composers including Francis Pott


  • Tenebrae
    Meditation on Shakespeare's King Richard III, in four linked movements
    2015   16'00"  

Viola and Piano

'Cello and Piano

Violin and Piano

  • Autumn
    Meditation for violin and piano
    2015   Ca 6'40"  


  • Thalassa
    Poem for piano
    1982   22'00"  
  • Toccata
    for piano
    1996   Ca 6'30"  

Songs (with Piano)

  • Coronach
    for soprano and piano
    1976   Ca 2'30"  
  • Einzige Tage
    Nine settings of German translations from Russian poems by Anna Akhmatova and Boris Pasternak
    2010   ca 43'00"  


  • Christus
    Passion Symphony in five movements for solo organ
    1986   2 hours 05' 00"  
  • Empyrean
    Rhapsody for organ
    1982   10'30"  
  • Three Hymn Tune Fantasias
    [i] Prelude and Fugue on 'Iste Confessor' [ii] Improvisation on 'Slane' [iii] Toccata on 'King's Lynn'
    2013   [i] ca 16'00" [ii] ca 7'00" [iii] ca 6'00". [In toto, a little over half an hour if the hymn tune originals are played before the successive movements.]  

Organ, Brass & Percussion

  • Fenix
    for organ, brass quintet, percussion and timpani
    1985   25'00"  

Music for Theatre

  • Wise after the Event
    Predominantly comic music theatre piece for soprano and baritone soloists, 2 trumpeters (doubling as occasional chorus/spoken parts) and pianist/speaker.
    1987   34'00"